Tryouts for the Spring 2020 Season will be held on

Saturday, January 4th, 2020

All WCSA players
 are required to participate in tryouts.


Key Tryout Information

Completion of Registration Activities

  • Please arrive at least 30 to 45 minutes prior to your assigned time to allow ample time to:
    • Check-in (located on the side of the concession stand)
    • Have your child confirm uniform sizing and number requests
    • Have your child warm up prior to their on-field tryout
    • NEW WCSA Players Only (if you did not play with WCSA during the Spring 2019 Season)
      • Present proof of age (birth certificate, passport or the equivalent)
      • Proof of address (utility bill, school report card, driver’s license, etc.)
      • Note: We will only need to verify this info, but will not need a copy
  • Upon completion of the check-in process, players will obtain a number from the check-in table which is affixed to the back of the players shirt or jersey
  • Players will then be directed to the “warm-up” and “stand-by” area (3rd base side of designated field)
  • Upon completion of the tryout process, players will be excused and may leave the field or may choose to stay and help shag balls during the batting portion of other tryout sessions


Tryout Attire & Equipment

  • Players should wear comfortable clothing that enables them a full range of motion for running, catching, throwing, and hitting a baseball or softball.
  • Long baseball or athletic pants, baseball cleats, and hat are strongly recommended.  
  • Note: Metal cleats are NOT allowed for any division
  • Players will need to bring their own glove to tryout.  Baseballs, bats and batting helmets will be available for use by players who do not have their own to use.